Samsung 870 QVO (8TB SSD), Launched by Samsung Electronics

samsung 870 qvo

Samsung, yesterday launched 870 QVO, its latest 2nd generation SATA SSD (Solid State Drive) with a maximum capacity of up to 8TB. The 870 QVO is the upgraded version over the 860 QVO which was launched in the early 2018. The 870 QVO is launched for the PC users who has to compromise in either performance or capacity. As told by the Vice- President of the memory brand, the users of 870 QVO will receive the benefits of SSD at HDD like capacities. Interface and Storage Memory: The latest 870…

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Zoom Privacy row:- Is it really safe? Not So much.

zoom video conferencing brand logo

Zoom – the US-based video conferencing software has been the talk of the town for quite sometimes now. The popularity of their software skyrocketed within weeks as a result of Covid-19. Because of the isolation, the citizens are trapped inside their homes. And therefore, they are compelled to use these types of video conferencing platforms. Zoom – What is the reason for security concerns? The zoom software uses a AES-256 ECB encryption. This type of encryption can be easily targeted by the cyber attackers. This has raised many questions about…

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