Zoom Privacy row:- Is it really safe? Not So much.

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Zoom – the US-based video conferencing software has been the talk of the town for quite sometimes now. The popularity of their software skyrocketed within weeks as a result of Covid-19. Because of the isolation, the citizens are trapped inside their homes. And therefore, they are compelled to use these types of video conferencing platforms.

Zoom – What is the reason for security concerns?

The zoom software uses a AES-256 ECB encryption. This type of encryption can be easily targeted by the cyber attackers. This has raised many questions about the safety and security of its users. Because of this, the hackers can retrieve sensitive data of millions of users. This data can then be sold on various illegal platforms all over the world.

Are there any necessary steps taken by the government?

India, on Thursday announced that the video conferencing software is not a safe platform. Also, it has advised people to avoid using it. The people already using it should follow some guidelines while using it. Some steps should be taken to prevent losing their personal information. The Indian government has also advised its various officials to avoid using any third-party software, for holding official government meetings. Countries, such as Taiwan and Germany has already banned their people from using it.

What does Zoom officials have to say about this?

The zoom officials have also floated their official statement regarding the matter. Zoom told that they are working on shifting their encryption to more protected version. They have also provided some steps to be followed until the issue is resolved.

What to do, if you are already using it?

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), India provided some steps to be followed while using Zoom:

  • Preventing unauthorized entry in the conference room.
  • Prevention of unauthorized participant to carry out any malicious activity.

The video conferencing software should only be used if it is very much necessary. Otherwise, it should be avoided until the issue has been resolved.

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